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Has team coordination been a struggle in your department?

Two Sided Demand

When working in sales in a large company, your only responsibility are not just your clients. Your time is divided between fulfilling their needs and having an open flow of communication with marketing, distribution and top management in order to achieve set goals.

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Lack Of Transparency

Monitoring team success is difficult, especially when “cc” is the only way a manager can have insight into the work of their employees. The struggle to avoid micromanaging and still have a full overview of the work being done, has never been more pervasive.

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Information Overload

Information that isn’t properly organized can hold back progress, instead of helping teams achieve their goals. Motivation is hard to find after hours of searching for relevant insight for the tasks that need to be done.

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Why Teodesk works?


Transparent collaboration

When all communication is integrated into boards, there is no need for CC or micromanagement. Everything is laid out and transparent.


Android and IOS apps

Even if your team is on the go, you need them to be up to date with all the work being done at the time.


Knowledge Base

New software can be hard to implement. A step by step explanation of different functions speeds this process up for everyone.


Employee success tracking

Tracking the success of each of your employees, allows you to optimize their work days accordingly.


Delegation of Responsibility

Once each member is assigned a specific task or stage, there won’t be any more confusion on where the responsibility falls.


Integrated communication

On a single task, you can parallelly send internal messages and external email. All your communication can now be organized within boards and stages.

Why Teodesk?

Here's what our clients say

I've reduced the number of emails I send by 40%.

Drazen Vujanic
CEO, WinWin Solutions

Teodesk allows me to optimize my processes without investing in a robust in-house solution.

Vladimir Petrovic
Sales Director, ABL

I can't imagine opening new stores without Teodesk.

Aleksandra Ilic
Retail Director, WinWin

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