Save time on report building

Tracking progress and assignments can sometimes be hard, especially when you're responsible for multiple people. With Reporting Module, you can control the data so you can make right decisions at the right time.

Want to find all the projects you did for a client? We've got you covered. Want to see what Mark's working on at the moment? Done. Want to see how much money and assets you spent on certain project or type of tasks? Checked. Want to find the perfect employee for the job based on his skills? Yes, please!

Create reports easily from existing data

No one likes to spend their time writing reports and filling out forms, especially when the data has already been input into the software. Via our module, every user can easily create their own reports and build them via click of a button. When you're creating a report, you're actually creating a pattern which you'll use every time you want to build a report.

Utilize the data from projects and employees

Our reports allow you to control the data you're gathering via usage of Projects and Employees module. By using Reports Module, you'll be able to filter, analyze and control daily activities of your own and your team's activities.

Export and share your reports

Once you create your report, you can export it into PDF, Excel or CSV, so you can easily share it with your colleagues or managers. Never again waste time on manually copying or rewriting that which has already been built.

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