Main objective

The main objective of this highly integrative, yet user friendly, Project Management module is to help you keep control over all activities. The Project Management Module is extremely intuitive and efficient to manage all business processes and projects.

All elements (communication, documents, tasks, income and expenditure, competencies of team members or any other element) can be monitored with one single click - filtered by the person in charge, status, keyword or any other category you design.

Project Overview

The Project Overview provides a clear summary about the progress of the project/operation by showing the executed (sub)tasks, phases and number of blocked or paused tasks. There is a possibility to easily manage the information about client, type of project, budget, currency, ticketing, etc.

Project Filtering

Phases and tasks are easily retrieved by using the Project Filtering. Any item can be found by filtering on assignee, due date, status, name of task or keywords.

Phase Overview

The Phase Overview includes information about the responsible person, phase details (start date, end date and status), phase description and progress of (sub)tasks. The Phase Overview can easily be customized to your style or method of doing business.

Task Relationship

There is a possibility to make tasks dependent on each other by blocking assignments which means that it is impossible to start a blocked task before the related task is completed. This is highly beneficial when there is a strong dependence between phases or assignments.

Checklist and Documents

To design a complete checklist for the project, subtasks can be created within a task. Moreover, relevant documents can be uploaded and there is a possibility to add a document description. These subtasks and documents can be organized by name, due date and responsible person.

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow Module is an opportunity to monitor revenues and expenses in different kind of currencies. Within one glance, it gives an overview of the total revenues and expenses of the whole project. Financial documents like invoices can be stored within this module.

Metrics Measurement

All kind of metrics can be tracked within the software. The Measurement Module can easily track weight, volume, length, area, time, quantity and power units. Relevant documents can be saved within this module.

Task Discussion

Every task has its own independent communication between team members in a form of chat.

Project Discussion

There is also a possibility of creating a project themed discussion as another form of communication, brainstorming, briefing and problem solving.

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