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Are you having trouble keeping track of different aspects of your job?

Misunderstood Objectives

The battle of long-term goals versus immediate results has been a struggle for marketing teams for years. You spend time “proving” your work, instead of focusing on what is actually going to benefit the companies results.

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Employee Confusion

As your team works on a number of projects at a time, many information is lost through cracks in communication. Time is wasted when there is no clear responsibility for assignments and no clear timetable for when they need to be completed.

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Lack of Transparency

Monitoring team success is difficult, when “cc” is the only way a manager can have insight in to the work of their employees. The struggle to avoid micromanaging and still have a full overview of the work that is being done, has never been more pervasive.

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Why Teodesk works?


Integrated communication

On a single task, you can parallelly send internal messages and external email. All your communication can now be organized within boards and stages.


Document management

Send and receive documents via email, attach them to employee profiles, add them to stages or tasks of any board and never have a single worry if they’re being properly stored.


Safe information storage

Teodesk places great importance on information safety. All information shared within the software is only there for you and your team.


Employee management

Through Teodesk you can keep track of all achievements, education, completed tasks and contact information for each team member.


Delegation of Responsibility

Once each member is assigned to a specific task or stage, there won’t be any more confusion on where the responsibility falls.


Multifunctional calendar

By adding meetings, reminders, and events to Teo Calendar, all your team members can be kept in the loop. You can even notify and add external participants if needed.

Why Teodesk?

Here's what our clients say

Teodesk allows me to optimize my processes without investing in a robust in-house solution.

Vladimir Petrovic
Sales Director, ABL

We boosted our productivity by 80% on creative and marketing projects.

Zorka Pejovic
Marketing Director, WinWIn

I can't imagine opening new stores without Teodesk.

Aleksandra Ilic
Retail Director, Emmi

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