Main objective

The main objective of this module is to create a perfect team and to keep this team on the right track. All the time.

The Employee Module offers you a database of all employees - filtered by department, manager, location, keyword or any other category you design. The database gives you an overview the employees’ knowledge, skills, competencies, qualifications and even personal data (to a reasonable extent, of course).

Employees Database

The database includes the profiles of all employees. A profile is created by filling in the personal and job information (department, job title, manager, work location, hire date and further description). Job information is already classified and ready to be used.


The Employee Module also shows competencies and skills of the employees. The competencies and skills are already preprogrammed and therefore, easy to find.

Current Projects

Current projects of the employee are carefully tracked and noted, together with a diagram display of commitment to the project and a productivity chart.

Work Experience

Review of previous business experience is also available at any time. It includes a list of his past duties and jobs (position title, engagement period, link to the project or company, description of his duties).

Education and Trainings

The education and training of employees is fully displayed - listed by educational institution, field of study/training, title, location and time period.

Files and Bonuses

All relevant documents related to the employee can be found in this part. The documents are organized in folders to make clear whether a document contains personal (CV, certificates, contracts, etc.) or project related information.
There is an opportunity to add information about the bonuses and rewards of the employee to keep track of their special achievements.

Contact Info

Within one click, contact info can be accessed. It displays business address, personal email address, Skype IM, office phone number, private number and home address. The contact information can easily be customized based on your preferences.

Personal Info

Personal data is also introduced in order to create the most accurate profile, taking into account every aspect of this employee’s career and life (marital status, gender, date of birth and driver's license).

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