Modern Project Management - Myth or a Methodology


Do you know when and where project management was born?

If the 20th century first comes to your mind, you are very wrong. Project and operation management has its roots far in the past – in the creation of mega-projects like any of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Nevertheless, we won’t go so deep in the matter, but it is important not to lose sight of the omnipresence of it from the very beginning of our kind.

When did “Project Manager” officially become a career?

In the late ’80s, Microsoft was launching a rather ambitious project – when all of a sudden, chaos invaded it. It did not take them long to realize that the team has been overburdened. There was nobody to coordinate marketing, engineering and business crews. Something had to be done.

Microsoft came up with a simple and pretty obvious solution – they appointed one person to be given significant authority to organize and coordinate the entire project. And this is how the first official project manager was born.

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