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Is important information losing its way among your daily activities?

Email overload

An inbox flooded with messages can be a headache for any team member. There is no overview or way to know what you should put on your schedule first, which leads to hectic workdays.

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Time management

During a busy season time seems to be just slipping away from you. It’s difficult to organize team activities in the most efficient manner when there is no timeline or a way to delegate responsibilities.

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Responsibility shifting

If no one knows who was responsible, no one can be held accountable. While the blame game is happening, your clients are the ones paying for the lack of organization in your team.

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Why Teodesk works?


Document management

Send and receive documents via email, attach them to employee profiles, add them to stages or tasks of any board and never have a single worry if they’re being properly stored.


Safe information storage

Teodesk places great importance on information safety. All information shared within the software is only there for you and your team.


Employee management

Through Teodesk you can keep track of all achievements, education, completed tasks and contact information for each team member.


Employee success tracking

Tracking the success of each of your employees, allows you to optimize their work days accordingly.


Multi-functional calendar

By adding meetings, reminders, and events to Teo Calendar, all your team members can be kept in the loop. You can even notify and add external participants if needed.


Teodesk Timeline

A visual gantt representation of all the tasks simplifies project and process completion tracking. You can see which tasks need your immediate attention in seconds.

Why Teodesk?

Here's what our clients say

I can't imagine opening new stores without Teodesk

Aleksandra Ilic
Retail Director, Emmi

We boosted our productivity by 80% on creative and marketing projects.

Zorka Pejovic
Marketing Director, WinWin

Teodesk allows me to optimize my processes without investing in a robust in-house solution.

Vladimir Petrovic
Sales Director, ABL

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