Teodesk can help keep all information centralized and accessible from anywhere.

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Is your team inefficiency affecting your client satisfaction?

No real time information

While your team is doing their work at the construction site, it’s difficult to know what is really happening and which parts of the building project need your attention most. Without a centralized place to track all this, your left to make educated guesses instead of informed decisions.

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Multiple communication channels

Keeping track of information when it’s scattered through multiple channels is a challenge. Your files, messages and important emails seem to disappear when you need them the most.

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Missed deadlines and team management

You know you have to live up to your clients expectation, but tight deadlines and an even tighter budget are not making it easy. While your balancing the quality of work being done, your team and resources, time seems to go by too fast.

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Why Teodesk works?


Integrated Communication

On a single task, you can parallelly send internal messages and external email. All your communication can now be organized within boards and stages.


Project Management

Having all information and tasks structured into phases, delegated, with specific time constraints will ensure all your projects are finished in time.


Process Management

Seamless process management comes from organized information and constant improvements that Teo Boards help you achieve.


Progress tracking

With Teodesk Board Overview you’ll always know how many stages and tasks have been completed, how many are blocked or paused and how many has your team finished.


Comprehensive reporting

With many options to choose from, Teodesk allows you to quickly create reports that fit the needs of your company.


Transparent collaboration

When all communication is integrated into boards, there is no need for CC or micromanagement. Everything is laid out and transparent.

Why Teodesk?

Here's what our clients say

I can't imagine opening new stores without Teodesk

Aleksandra Ilic
Retail Director, Emmi

All our communication is based in Teodesk and we've never been this organized.

Radan Ralic
Procurement Director, WinWin

I've reduced the number of emails I send by 40%.

Drazen Vujanic
CEO, WinWin Solutions

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