You can be on top of everything, even when working on more than one assignment.

Marketing Management

If you’re working as a Marketing Professional you know that organization is key. Many things are happening at the same time and you have to be in communication with people from many different sectors.

This is why with Teodesk we integrated internal and external communication within boards, where you can plan everything out, send email and messages, as well as assign responsibility when needed.

Creative sector

As every Marketing Manager knows, working with multiple designers on multiple campaigns can be confusing and time consuming. Tens of files are sent every day through multiple channels and keeping track of what the latest version is can be daunting. 

If you are currently working on more than one assignment, and your plan includes things like attend a job fair, work on rebranding with an agency and you are also in the midst of organizing your spring campaign, you probably look at a very hectic inbox.

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