Why is project management vital for the Telecommunication industry?

Project management is the application of processes that lead a team’s work towards the path of achieving all project goals within the given constraints – scope, time, and budget. It takes all the methods, skills, and experience following project acceptance criteria to achieve project objectives.

Projects in Telecommunication Services 

The telecom industry encloses many different organizations with various products, goals, and ways of working. As a result, telco employees work in ever-changing environments, various organizational structures, and other functional areas. This kind of diversification doesn’t make things easier, that is for sure.

And while many project managers across all industries have more or less similar backgrounds, telco project teams are made up of professionals from various departments. Therefore, the most required skill a telco project manager should have is the ability to recognize and use every team member’s expertise and skills, trust all of them, and delegate responsibility appropriately.

The main goals in telco PM are greater project and maintenance efficiency, optimal, consistent quality, and value created while managing costs with project forecasting and financials.

And when it comes to services, what are some telecommunication projects’ characteristics? To be more precise, what are three basic types?

  • Projects of adding capabilities to an existing public network
  • Projects of establishing a specialized business network
  • Projects of the establishment and removal of a temporary network

For each category, the relative importance of the constraints on quality, cost, and time vary significantly! Actually, the primary condition of public services is quality; in enterprise networks, the primary concern is cost, while timeliness is crucial in the case of temporary installations.

Besides that, projects in telecommunication services also have a portfolio of sub-projects with complex interfaces (internally and externally), international orientation, multidisciplinary activities, with no mass production but with a diversity of user requirements, and a relatively long planning stage (even for temporary installations).

This creates many challenges.

Challenges of Telecom Projects

Let’s see some of the challenges telco project managers are dealing with.

For starters, if the project’s scope was not clearly defined when it was built – the problems will pile up since the essential thing was not done – the objectives, tasks, costs, and deadlines of each project are left undefined.

Plus, if not enough resources have been allocated for the project, the project may lose rather than make money. With the initially unrealistic project’s budget – success is fading away from the radar. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have a solid financial plan from the very beginning.

If you have a situation where conflicts arise between different departments, it will most definitely affect the objectives of the project and the quality of work. Therefore, allocate all responsibility correctly, ensuring healthy communication between the teams.

Following unrealistic deadlines is never a good idea. Not even close. Nobody expects tasks to be completed in perfect conditions. However, changes must be anticipated somehow, exercising caution to avoid wasting time and money in the process of adapting to them.

Each organization must turn to solid and thought-out project management to put a particular order in a telco project.


Let’s see.

Benefits of solid telco Project Management

Both traditional and tailor-made project management methods are crucial if you want your existing resources, workforce, knowledge, and experience of employees, time, and budget of the project used in the best and most efficient way.

With it, the probability of achieving the project’s objectives is way higher, and you have the opportunity to meet the expectations and needs of the project stakeholders healthily and proactively.

Once you establish continuous trustworthy communication within and between the teams, your employees will accurately use their time and experience. On top of all that, a successful calendar is created by defining start and end dates and adjusting the timings of different projects and works.

Need more reason to dig into every possible project management methodology, searching for the perfect one for your organization?

We will give you one more.

Wanna try with a bit of help from your friends?

We live in an era where everything is about technology. Digitalization has taken its turn, and it is not giving up. One way or another, we will all be forced to use the power of technological advancements – whether we like it or not.

This is the time to be innovative. To embrace every single opportunity we are given, to ease our tasks, and allow us to humanize our life. To do so, we need to turn to AI. Sounds silly and like a paradox, but it is true.

So many repetitive tasks. So much information to hold. So much planning to do. So many complications in those plan’s realization…

What we all need is a little help from our friends.

Teodesk is your friend. Your best friend even. Do not doubt that.

And if you were wondering what Teodesk might do for you, just hear it. Briefly.

Teodesk is a rather smart project management software, a tool that provides a clear overview of all the tasks, their due dates, the person responsible, and task dependencies. Any changes are inserted directly into the timeline.

When it comes to your organization’s work management, Teodesk is your personal assistant in multi-level planning! You can divide your entire work into boards, stages, tasks, and subtasks, making it transparent and easy to manage.

Also, it will allow you to organize your processes, so they flow seamlessly. You can save time by eliminating operational work and focusing on communication, the key to making it easy for your team to collaborate and work efficiently. All your team members can be kept in the loop by adding meetings, reminders, and events to Teo Calendar. You can even notify and add external participants if needed.

As actual costs can significantly differ from planned ones, Teodesk is here to help you keep an eye on all your resources on the tasks of every board within your company. The entire communication within the project is integrated with your planning. Receiving emails directly through the application saves time and has all the needed information, external and internal, in one place.

Keeping track of employee progress and achievements can significantly benefit your team’s growth once objective measures are set. Teodesk can also help with that issue by storing all contact and personal information, allowing application process automation and keeping track of every employee’s previous experiences and education. Through Teodesk, you can keep track of all achievements, education, completed tasks, and contact information for each team member.

Instead of spending hours on routine work, Teodesk has completed reports at your disposal in just a few clicks. Send and receive documents via email, attach them to employee profiles, add them to any board’s stages or tasks and never worry if they’re being properly stored.

Teodesk places great importance on information safety. All information shared within the software is only there for you and your team.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you manage your projects.

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