Starting from January this year, the Teodesk company and Roaming Networks Inc. worked together to implement the Teodesk solution for task based project management.

About the company

Roaming Networks Inc. is a system integrator company, a Digital General Contractor delivering high-end services in Telecommunication industry and beyond across global markets. A 1000 people-strong organization offers turn-key services from consulting, design, to the implementation, integration, maintenance and other services, in area of Radio and Microwave networks, Passive Optical networks and IP Transport Solutions allowing clients to place their focus on what is important to them. RN developed capabilities over generations of sophisticated technologies and continues to do so by following customers’ needs and expectations. In addition, their own software development enables the company to digitalize its work. Through automation and standardization, efficiency and performance are continuously pushed ahead. As the Roaming team always say: Forward is the only way for Roaming Networks to grow through state-of-the-art technology, aiming at a more straightforward and intelligent future in an ever more connected world.

Teodesk and Roaming Networks Inc.

Partnering with Roaming Networks Inc. allowed Teodesk to deliver high-quality task based, project management solutions, working on a mutual goal in their project methodology – the complete digitization of business. As the Roaming Networks operates in several states across the US, it was vital to provide its management with real-time information. Especially when it comes to the on-site execution within the projects, hiring people, monitoring financial realization, and collaboration across the entire company.

Given that the industry operates in different urban and rural areas, Teodesk strived for complete automation of projects and processes so that the company’s management receives real-time information from both office and field teams – regarding location execution, costs, revenues, and resources, etc.

The implementation of templates in the workflow

During the initial period of implementation, together with Roaming top and project management, we worked on defining the template of build plans for future sites through the application for different types of projects. It was done in order to shorten the coming time of obtaining and organizing new sites within various projects.

Templates were created to obtain a standardized site execution workflow by defining the various activities that need to be implemented while the filed crew is building and later on through project closeout process, reports and monitoring Team activities in real-time.

One of the main challenges in defining the template was setting milestones as crucial points for monitoring the performance of build efficiency on a site level and the percentage of their realization. In addition, milestones were vital for following the execution – the planned/actual time of their installation, as well as the rates of completion of each site and project in general.

Financial monitoring with Teodesk – Time and money saver

In addition to the operational activities on the site level, one of the critical segments was monitoring the financial execution, which is automatically calculated based on the accomplished percentage and previously defined milestones.

The essence of this partnership was the automation of defined activities by the PM, the financial realization of the project, and real-time reporting. Needless to say, monitoring the entire economic activity is vital to the company’s management. We enabled this through various reports and reviews, allowing managers to respond promptly to all activities.

Processes monitoring

Besides the complete project overview, we worked on implementing various processes, from Logistics, HR, Procurement, etc. For example, Teodesk’s module Employees helped company’s HR in creating a profile for each employee and providing managers and directors a detailed overview of the entire portfolio of each employee. It is a starting point and a base of any successful business or project in need of the most suitable people selection for the job.

Monitoring every step of this process enabled the company to have a clear overview of all its processes and projects within one application and thus monitor all its activities.

When it comes to various precedures, each one is defined through different forms of requests to a specific sector, enabling clear process holders to easily follow the petitions they receive and respond through the application itself, which would automatically create a task for the next manager inline.

We continue to develop our successful partnership with the company Roaming Networks Inc, creating a game changer for processes, procedures and projects are managed in the Telco industry. Partnering with Roaming Networks Inc. also provided guidelines for our own future improvement and evolution.

Impressions from Roaming Networks Inc, in words of Nikola Petrović, CEO of Roaming Network Inc: 

Last year, I had the privilege to get to know a fantastic team behind a platform my company started using. The cooperation with Teodesk is a game changer for us in Roaming Networks! This platform empowered my team so that we completely changed our workflow and management of the projects. We started efficiently organizing tasks, delegating smoothly, and following our deadlines automatically. Teodesk also facilitated communication within my team, making it thorough and precise. Besides that, this tool provided us with effortless monitoring of the complete financial realization so that we can react fast and organize to any problems that occur. The whole project is now easier to track, control, and manage. Teodesk also helped with project planning as it allows us to create and use templates, creating so the foundation database for any type of project. Teodesk intuitive design and its team’s willingness to direct and instruct us on any issue – made this digital transition way more accessible. By covering the entire project flow – from obtaining bids for specific projects to planning functional requirements, hiring teams/people to work on particular projects, and to monitor the project’s implementation to meet all defined milestones – Teodesk created a new atmosphere between our team members. Automation of some repetitive tasks took off the load from our backs, allowing us to focus more on personal relationships, what truly matters. This way, our productivity is skyrocketing, and people are happier having just one platform where they can collaborate on any project or task they have been delegated. And as a team leader, that is essential in running our business – making people’s jobs more straightforward and putting a smile on their faces, says Nikola Petrović, CEO of Roaming Network Inc

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