The 4 Things to Look For in a Collaboration Management Tool

Really successful project managers have many responsibilities. They are running meetings, planning and scheduling, managing resources and budgets, and analyzing reports.

These time-consuming tasks of running a team of professionals, can and should be automated.

Almost 80% of companies today use project management software, and as much as 90% of high-performing companies use some kind of a software for organizing their projects.

Seems like almost all leaders agree that it’s essential for businesses to use effective digital collaboration tools.

The secret to effective collaboration is pretty simple — working together in complete unison. And collaborative software is application software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve exactly that.

Having in mind that team collaboration is happening in real-time, all the time – a certain handy tool can really help you with the organization, resource handling, sharing, processing, and management of files, documents, and other data types among several users.

It’s a win-win situation for both employees and their employers.

Managers and leaders actually benefit a lot from collaboration tools. With it, they have only one place to go to make project reviews, see the status of the task, compare budget and hold people accountable. All at hand reach.

So, if you still haven’t provided your organization with one of the online collaboration tools – prepare to note down a few tricks you need to focus on while looking for the best product.

And you, Doubting Thomas, just keep reading.

4 things to look for in a collaboration management tool

  1. It simplifies real-time communication.

This is a number 1 feature (or maybe a group or combination of different features) when it comes to a collaboration tool. It’s no secret that projects are finished faster and better when internal and external communication is solid, reliable and quick.

When all the employees are committed to just one, clear and organized platform – what used to take months, can be resolved within days.

Make sure communication channel features are in order. And you’ll have half of the work done.

  1. It reduces the number of emails and numbers of meetings.

When talking about the project and its finalization, did you know that less than 30% of all projects are completed on time and  within the budget?

So much time and money are lost in what-we-can-call resource Bermuda triangle. Instead of communicating face to face or sending countless emails, simply find the tool that will make things (read: collaboration) simple and efficient, by increasing project transparency, accountability and efficiency.

  1. It arranges work in one place.

What can be better and more efficient than having one source for all project details and updates? Prepare to say goodbye to logging into several different accounts, looking for a certain file and never knowing where exactly to look, say goodbye to lost messages and missed notification… Quite refreshing, wouldn’t you say?

  1. It helps you get the best out of every employee!

Working with others helps people realize their strengths and weaknesses. Especially if the work is organized and based on effective and solid communication. Enhancing collaboration can help team members to get to know each other, work better together – knowing their efforts and opinions matter.

How does Teodesk fit in with all of this?

It fits like a glove, adding some extra chic!

Teodesk is designed to help you with improving a conceptual overview of happenings in your company.

Teodesk Employee Module & Process and Project Management Module (PPMM) will take care of the first thing to look for in a collaboration management tool – simplified real-time collaboration.

Employee Module is designed to manage employees and keep record of their performance, work load, as well as education and training. It is a starting point and a base of any successful business or project in need of the most suitable people selection for the job. Creates a profile for each employee and provides managers and directors with a detailed overview of the entire portfolio of the employee.

So, from now on you (and every other employee) will know exactly who the people you are working with are, you will not have a hard time finding them, informing them or asking them something important. Plus, based on the employee info, you will know which person to ask when it comes to some specific and department related question.

On the other hand, PPMM being so extremely intuitive helps and ease the way to manage all business processes and projects. Allows users to manage at four different levels:

  1. Project
  2. Phases
  3. Task
  4. Subtasks (checklists)

Each level provides the user with a multitude of opportunities for successful monitoring and implementation for any type of business. Some of the benefits are:

  • Monitoring the implementation of all activities with a single click, according to the person in charge, status, keyword, etc.
  • Follow-up discussions at the level of the whole process or project as well as at the level of each task individually
  • Monitoring all documents
  • Managing income and expenditure at the level of the whole process or project
  • Creating dependencies between tasks and defining the structure of their execution
  • Measuring the level of resources spent on the process or project
  • Exactly defining activities, responsibilities, competencies at the level of each task and the project as a whole.

Teodesk Ticketing system is the one you will turn to when looking for features from our point 2: the ones that reduce the number of emails and numbers of meetings.

This is a system that provides the user with the integration in the mail server and therefore full data consistency within each transaction, all in one place. Through the application, it provides an easy way to communicate with both external clients and internal teams. This way, the user has the opportunity to manage all activities in just one place and with one tool only.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Receive and reply to e-mails directly through the application
  • Connecting Ticket with the objectives of the project
  • Adding every functionality to the ticket and the task (the responsible person, document, subtasks, income and expenses, the spent material, etc.)

Document Management Module (DMM) is an ideal candidate for feature number 3: It arranges work at one place only.

DMM allows you to track the document management system – on the portal and the entire company itself. All types of documents added to the project are stored in one place, safe and always at your disposable within Document Management Module. In this way, the documentation is generated in a single database that allows users to easily search all the documents.

As for the fourth point: getting the best out of every employee – the entire Teodesk software was imagined and created with this idea in mind. To help working people do their job easier and better.

And you, what is it that you are looking for in a collaboration management tool?

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