Teodesk – Our year in rewind

On the 19th of January this year Teodesk celebrated its third birthday. With the celebratory mood slowly leaving our office, we thought that this would be a great moment to reflect on what’s happened in the previous year.

One thing that really marked the year for us was the realization that we want all our software to be more than just tools. We were helping people organize their projects and processes, however there was still a lot of legwork left that could be optimized. A study conducted on almost 2000 office workers in the UK suggests that in an eight-hour day, the average worker is only productive for about two hours and 53 minutes. When we stop to think about it, we realize that about half of the people that were polled actually spent even less time working productively. 

With this in mind, our goal shifted from pure optimization to efficient long term collaboration. And the way we approach it was no longer just through static data and clearly assigned responsibility. We decided that the way to go was to utilize the data that Teodesk already gathers and put it to good use. 

With the use of AI, our goal is to create the first software that will be a long term knowledge base for companies. 

While this might not sound sensational to you, the goal is to make collaboration more efficient by utilizing all the data stored within our software. The Meeker’s report states that even though our ability to adapt to technological change is increasing, it’s not keeping up with the pace of scientific and technological innovation. That’s where we see Teodesk as a middle ground. It’s user friendly for the users, while the data it collects is organized in a way that enables AI to learn faster.

This will impact businesses in a few ways:

  • investing in employees will be less of a risk – all their decisions will be stored and used for future guidance 
  • delegation will be automatized and optimized based on workload and capabilities
  • human errors will be reduced with the guidance of Teo AI 
  • employees will have more time to focus on building strategies since there will be less operational work

While this was the focus of our work, it’s not the only thing we’re proud of. 

In the past year our team grew, and now there are 20 people actively working on improving our product in every way. And to help all of us grow even more over time, we’ve started the Teodesk company library. Here, members of our team can find useful books on everything from personal productivity to AI. 

With more focus on marketing and business development, the last year was all about getting to know our market and communicating what Teodesk is about. We presented our software at the Western Balkans Digital Summit and the Fourth China-CEEC Conference on Innovation Cooperation. Many of the visitors gave us great feedback on how and where they see the use-value for a solution like ours.

The hard work that we’ve been doing has also not gone unnoticed. As a local IT company, we’ve had many media outlets interested in sharing our story with the public. While this was like striking gold for our communications team, the developers were not that thrilled with answering questions and the TV cameras that came along. 

Another why we were recognized was through holding lectures at leading conferences in our region. Our CCO, Sandra Idjoski, held a lecture on Hybrid Methodology at the annual PMI Summit in Sofia, Bulgaria, while Ivan Ralic, the CEO of Teodesk, spoke at the Data Science Conference held in Belgrade. His topic revolved around business process automation and how AI can be an important factor.  

And last, but certainly not least, we started the initiative to open the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia. So far the Institute has been backed up by Microsoft, Google, Atlassian, GitHub, Slack and the Science-technology park Belgrade.

From our point of view, the past year was more than a success and we can only wish to keep moving in the same direction. We can’t really know what the future holds for certain, but new business solutions, new team members and new clients is what we see our fourth year bringing.

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