Teodesk Notifications – a Quick Way to Stay in the Loop

As a team leader, do you know who your time management’s worst enemy is?

Unnecessary complexity. It can derail an entire project. Little by little. And that is the most dangerous way because usually you are not even aware of it.

The management system you created and use should never be complicated. You should always be looking for new ways and methods to simplify things as much as you can. This way you will save time, and time is money, right?

Make your workflow easy and fast so you can get back on track and do the work that you’re supposed to be managing.

If the devil is in details, you should be there, too. With Teodesk this might be easier that you think.

The first step in keeping your planning tidy is to get a bird’s eye view of all the work that is happening. The secret is not to get too granular with fine points. Teodesk helps you picture your work as a whole.

For that reason, our team recently finished yet another feature update.

This time, we introduced notifications, as a way of simplifying your information and progress overview.

You know that as a manager, it’s your job to make sure people are assigned to the right tasks and that the work load is spread evenly. Also, it is your job to make sure your team stays focused on their duties and finishes everything within the predicted time frame.

It’s always stressful to look at a project with lots of deadlines and masses of active tasks. Therefore, when it comes to simplifying workflow – it’s of the utmost importance to see past the things that don’t matter and only focus on the tasks that you need your attention the most.

With Teodesk notifications, you will find various possibilities to customize your daily/weekly/monthly project progress and its overview. You can configure your notification settings according to your current interests, so you can set what type of notifications you would like to get.

You will receive a notification if you are assigned as a:

  • Board Lead
  • Stage Lead or
  • Task Responsible

If there are any changes made to the work you’re responsible for, you’ll be the first to know. Also, since team communication is crucial, you’ll receive notifications once someones mentions you in a task or board discussion.

Notifications arrive to you no matter where you are on the Teodesk platform. They are directly linked to the task, stage or message for which the notification arrived.

No more wondering through the project looking for what’s new, no more late responses for not seeing the message on time, and no more wasting precious time. Let’s save some money and keep track of everything that’s happening with work and plans.

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