Teodesk – Five years of teamwork

We’re celebrating our fifth birthday!

With all the stats that are stacked against startups, our excitement for this 5-year mark is more than justified. There were ups, there were downs – but today we feel like we made it.

The past year has been heavily product-oriented, as we continued our mission to digitalize the complete scope of telco infrastructure project management activities. Grasping the complexity of projects in the telecommunications industry in the US has been challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. We’ve tested new features, gained incredible insights, and delivered solutions for many of our clients’ everyday challenges.

Incredibly helpful for our development was joining the Startup with IBM program. Within this program, we were awarded free IBM Cloud credits, as well as access to their learning resources and the IBM Marketplace. We also continued to be a part of the Microsoft for startups program that we joined in 2020.

Aside from the product, we were focused on our team. We organized activities and made sure we keep that human connection that has made our teamwork as well as it has for the past five years. These efforts were also formalized through us obtaining the Family Friendly Enterprise certification in November of last year. 

I’m incredibly proud of my team. We’re fully prepared to tackle new challenges and I can see how much effort each of the team members has put in so far.

Even with changing work conditions, we managed to achieve great results that will surely reflect on the next year.

Ivan Ralic, CEO of Teodesk

What we see next for us are new clients, new markets, and new launches. We believe the best is yet to come and we can’t wait for another 5 amazing years!

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