Teodesk Apps – Why We Believe Efficiency Can Be Achieved on the Go

In the past 10 years, our phones have essentially become our personal assistants. Through our phones, we manage everything from dinner dates to business arrangements. Choosing the right way to be more efficient with technology can be extremely tricky. We have to make smart choices between the things that waste our time and the ones that save it.

How can we do it right?

What we need to assess in order to categorize an app as effective is the app’s ability to help us produce more with the same amount of resources as before we downloaded the app. Of course, it is always nice if we can have the opportunity to customize it a bit and to make it better suited for our needs.

Every app we download for our business needs to be 100% user-friendly so we can concentrate on what is really important:

Carrying out the correct tasks in the best possible way to avoid wasting any effort.

If the app has a desktop version, the user experience should be in line with what we’re used to. We shouldn’t be surprised with new functionalities or be taken aback by how hard it is to use the standard features.

Meeting people where they’re already at

While the desktop version of Teodesk is most commonly used by our clients, the iOS and Android apps have slowly gained importance. This trend has been prevalent in many other areas as well. More than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets are spent using apps.

From the very beginning, we planned to make Teodesk an intuitive tool for communication and complex planning. As a project management tool, it currently allows you to divide your work into boards, stages, tasks, and subtasks. All communication can also be integrated into the boards. This way everything becomes transparent and easy to manage. You can organize your work so it flows seamlessly and save time by eliminating much of the everyday operational work.

Our apps have been developed with the same ideas in mind.

Project Logistic 

Teodesk boards provide you with the ability to have an extremely intuitive and easy way to manage all business processes and projects. It allows users to manage their work on four different levels:

  1. Boards
  2. Stages
  3. Tasks
  4. Subtasks (checklists)

Each level provides the user with a multitude of opportunities for successful monitoring and implementation for any type of business. Some of the benefits are:

  • Filtering all activities in a few clicks, sectioned by the person in charge, status or label
  • Follow-up discussions at the level of the whole process or project as well as at the level of each task individually
  • Storage and constant access to all documents
  • Creating dependencies between tasks and defining the structure of their execution
  • Measuring all resources spent on the process or project
  • Defining activities, responsibilities, competencies at the level of each task and the project as a whole

And the crucial part is that you can do all of that even if you are out of the office, without any worries if your work will be out of line with what the other colleagues are doing.


Another efficiency booster is the way Teodesk can organize your communication with other team members, as well as with external parties. It gives you the chance to easily integrate your communication with your planning.

For example, by receiving emails directly through Teodesk (and intertwining ticketing system with tasks) you save time and have all the needed information, external and internal, in one place. And we all know how a healthy flow of communication between managers and their team leaves no room for micromanagement.

Documentation and Reports

Sharing documents between coworkers is an everyday occurrence and it can take up time that could be spent on more important work. Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, now you can have your documents accessible to all team members when they need them. Wherever they might be. In or out of the office, the show must go on!

In Teodesk, all types of documents added to the project are stored in one place, safe and always at your disposal. No need to forward anything or search in endless folders.

The same goes for reports.

Your time is valuable and it should be spent accordingly. Instead of spending hours on routine work, Teodesk allows you to have completed reports at your disposal in just a few clicks. Also, knowing how every company is unique and so are their managers, we created the possibility to adjust the report variables to suit your decision-making process.

While these two functionalities are currently available to iOS and desktop users, we’re working hard on making it accessible to everyone.

Teodesk Calendar

Teodesk’s integrated calendar helps you track all events, meetings, and reminders in one place. You can add your coworkers or external participants to any event you create and be up to date with any event a coworker adds you to.

What’s great is that you can also add documents and descriptions to your events. This makes it easy to have an overview of the events topics, goals, and additional information you might need to prepare.

Apps in the future

New trends are changing and reshaping the work environment. More and more people are working in alternative job arrangements, and both managers and HR have a hard time keeping up with all of it. The struggle of following the development and progress of an employee who is not physically there at the office is a significant challenge, just as having all the need information for remote employees is.

That is why it’s so important to use all the help you can get and make your workflow impeccable and more efficient every day. Apps can definitely help along the way.

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