Teodesk – A look back on our fourth year

What can we say about our fourth year without sounding like a broken record? That it was challenging, unpredictable, surprising in many ways as it was for many others?

Was it what we expected? Not really. 

However, we’ve learned more about our team and broke down more barriers than we expected to do in 5 years’ time, let alone a year.

We kicked off the last year with our third birthday party and a strong desire to take Teodesk a step further. With a plan in place and many hours spent, we set out to find a way to make our software a staple for project managers not just locally but internationally.

And then the world changed.

While the initial lockdown was happening, we tried supporting the local community the best way we knew how. We offered our software to small businesses free of charge as a part of the “Digital solidarity” initiative, as well as consultations on how they could adjust their regular activities to working remotely.  

As shifts were happening around us, some changes were happening within the company as well. In June of 2020, Teodesk officially became a part of the Roaming Solutions Group.

Why was this move made?

As we began our communication earlier last year, we saw how complementary our mutual goals were. To them, Teodesk seemed like a tool that, with adjustments, could help them digitalize and optimize their ever-growing project portfolio. For our team, the experience and industry knowledge that came with becoming a part of the Roaming family seemed to be just what we were missing.

As things became official, our development intensified, and the process of turning Teodesk into the best project management software for the telecommunications industry started.

Looking back, the amount of work done in little more than six months is no short of incredible. With every new feature, our team had outdone itself and proved how significant teamwork is when aiming to create something great.  

To end an eventful year, to say the least, on a positive note, Teodesk became ISO 27001 certified last December! Information security has always been important to us and this stamp of approval just motivated us to keep going in the same direction.

And as for best wishes, let’s all agree that it’s more than OK to have as few surprises as possible in the next 12 months.

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