Structured Recruitment Process – How Teodesk Can Help with the Selection of New Candidates

Recruitment is never easy or cheap, especially if you’re looking to hire people who are going to contribute to your team in the long-run. However, recruitment is always evolving, and change is never isolated. Elements such as technological advancement, sociological trends, behavior transformation of candidates and the shift in job market perspectives are why hiring new people can sometimes seem like a brand new experience.

The only thing that could keep your head above water is if you have already adopted a new way of thinking in your recruitment strategy. Issues like attracting the right candidates, engaging the qualified ones, doing it fast, and using data-driven recruitment while building a strong employer brand can be overcome if you look far enough into the future.

Need some sort of binoculars?

No worries, Teodesk will serve just well.

Its Boards and Employee module will help you significantly during the process, making it easier and simpler. And more organized.


First of all, Teodesk will help you with gathering all candidates in one place.

Thanks to its features, you can connect the application of a candidate with a specific task within the board.  Teodesk integration with email creates a full data consistency within all candidates’ applications. This feature makes it easy to evaluate every single CV in the best possible way.

No candidate will be left behind and you’ll always be able to keep track of deadlines.


Next step is to assign candidates to the members of your HR team. Get ready to receive and reply to e-mails directly on the board, all while moving the best ones to the next stage of selection. Depending on a candidate’s position at a multi-leveled interview, you can have them all neatly organized in stages.

Additionally, if you’re recruiting for more than one department you can use labels to make your filtering and organization even simpler.


Have every single info stored and neatly organized for the coming procedures. Even if you archive a board, it’s easy to search for it and access the information stored in it.

With Teodesk, you can keep all the data concerning every candidate who passed your initial test. You never know, some of them might just fit perfectly to your next hiring position. This way, you are saving a significant amount of time for your next recruitment project.


Just keep using the Teodesk Employee Module to keep those chosen candidates you fought so hard to find.

The Employee Module offers you a database of all employees – filtered by department, manager, location, keyword or any other category you design. The database gives you an overview of the employees’ knowledge, skills, competencies, qualifications, and even personal data (to a reasonable extent, of course).

Now you can manage at one place all the necessary information about any employee and use it to create a perfect team by matching their skills and experience to the demands of all your work.

The database includes the profiles of all employees. A profile is created by filling in the personal and job information (department, job title, manager, work location, hire date and further description). Job information is already classified and ready to be used.

The main objective of this module is to create a perfect team and to keep this team on the right track. All the time. Arrange each employee’s info with their defined competencies and skills in this preprogrammed module. This way, you can choose your team adequately.

A minimum of 40 hours each week you spend together and all those important projects ahead, are only two out of many reasons you should choose your team members wisely.

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