One product, six years, countless ambitions – Teodesk celebrates 6th birthday

It has already been six years, and we still feel young, enthusiastic, and ready to discover and conquer the world. This is because so many things have happened since our last birthday. 

It was 365 days of the non-stop roller-coaster ride. However, despite all the obstacles, we kept our spirit intact, being product-development-oriented more than ever. We still believe Teodesk can be much smarted, even though we received numerous validation. That is why we never stop. Nothing is good enough except for the perfection we keep on striving for. 

When we started our journey, we were creating a simple yet powerful project management tool planned to be used by all industries. Somehow we turned from that path and found ourselves transforming Teodesk into a sophisticated tool for telecommunication industry. We found guidance within our partner, a company that took us under its wing. Experience of working with Roaming group helped us gain an objective perspective and become planning, executing, and problem-solving solutions.

Besides, working with clients from all parts of the telco industry world enabled us to understand better the problems to optimize and transform the application into a telco project management tool.

The entire Teodesk team is much obliged to those who participated in that process. You all helped us improve our instinct and grasp the telco world. 

As we dug deeper into the telco industry, we got to discover the true complexity behind the industry itself. With each new milestone won, we remodeled Teodesk features accordingly to our new knowledge. The ambition was always to find that optimal solution that makes jobs within the industry easier – from those employed on the field to those sitting in the office. 

The ultimate goal is the complete automation of all the processes in the telco industry, done through engaging people, setting different milestones, and, finally, through correct financial execution and monitoring of all activities.

Even though we have worldwide experiences, cooperation with the U.S. has really marked this year. It has brought us many opportunities, and we learned so much. Before everything else, it opened up horizons, allowing us to embrace utterly new work approaches in order to solve problems better through the application itself.

Besides conquering new markets, what lies before us in the coming year? It is best to describe a Teodesk spirit in the words of Slobodan Jovičinac, CEO of Teodesk:

If one thing can be said, we continue to constantly improve and automate Teodesk to fully automate and solve the problems that clients face every day. That is our day-to-day job. Every morning we get up and go to work, having that one thought in mind. The Teodesk team is 100% dedicated to our product; we live it and breathe it. We encourage one another; we celebrate together. We are a team in the true sense of the word. We are strong; we are united, and we all share the same vision and mission. For six years now. Day by day. 

This calls for a huge celebration. We need to loosen up and honor more than 2000 days since we brought Teodesk to life. Kudos, my friend, and for many, many, many more!

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