Advantages of HR Softwares – The Future of Human Resources?

HR Software Advantages

In one of our previous posts, we defined Human Resources Administration and explained what it can do for your organization. Let’s take a step further and see what the advantages of HR software are. To understand this we should consider what it would be like if the tasks normally administered by the Human Resources department were executed by a software.

Sounds a bit contradictory, right? HUMAN resources managed by a non-human. But hear us out.

What an HR Software can do for you and your team

The fact is that the HR management software is now an indispensable asset in almost every corporate environment. Its main task is to combine different HR and administration processes in just one centralized location.

Most of HR operating systems are designed to hold and control every information there is about the organization’s human resources actions and initiatives. As we’ve already explained, the bottom line of HR tasks within the company is to improve profit. No doubt about it.

So how can this department achieve this?

By making the processes simpler, saving time on the execution of the necessary tasks, and of course by minimizing all the costs of the department.

Human Resources administration software can successfully be applied in an organization of any size, from family-owned businesses to the multinational conglomerates with offices on every continent. HR software can save them all time and money, while improving efficiency at every level. So, let’s take a look at what it does.

The Advantages of HR Software

  • Space

And no, we are not thinking of A Space Odyssey, but the actual physical space in the office. Just think how much space an HR department could actually take up. Imagine the offices and the file cabinets with tons of paper. Not very environmentally friendly, either.

Now, add to that the human factor – the time spent to manage and attend the employees by supervisors and managers (include their time, as well). After you’ve added this into the equation, sum up all the mistakes a human can (and does) make, and convert all this into money. And only then, put this money back on the organization’s account.

That right there is one of the biggest advantages of HR software, wouldn’t you agree?Advantages HR Software

  • Information Access

Ask yourself how much paperwork is required for just one employee. If you want to keep track of your employees properly, the answer to this question is – a lot. Even if you are willing to deal with piles of paperwork and have no problem with that, there’s still another important issue, the sensitivity and security of the data you hold.

HR administration software makes sure that only the authorized personnel have access to the most sensitive info. The categorization of the data regarding the level of authorization is way more simple and effective when you have the operating system. And all this is done following the golden rule of the 21st century, at its best: automate everything!

Today, being smart is all about putting to good use the data you hold. And a self-service system definitely allows for efficient administration, with as little manpower as possible, saving organizations time and money.

  • 360 Degrees Overview

This is another one of the important advantages of HR software. By centralizing, categorizing and automating all the data about all the staff – an operational system actually helps you develop smarter courses of action when organizing a project or assigning tasks. Most of the software is originally designed to create and update detailed profiles with every possible information an organization may need when considering people for the team and planning projects.

In short, it makes it simple when a task is ready to go, as you will always know who is the best person to do it, and in what time period it will be completed.

Plus, by using it, the management and the employees can collect metrics surrounding the organization’s staffing, performance management, compensation and benefits activities.

Teodesk HR Software

Screenshot of Employee Overview from Teodesk Employee Module

  •  Communication Renaissance

Almost every job requires the employees to reach out to colleagues outside their immediate department. Having all the contacts in one place easily accessible by everyone (and not stored in a filing cabinet) speeds up the process of sharing information and offers a quick resolution of any dilemma.

Most of the Human Resources SaaS on the market right now are improving by day their communication panel so the users can see recent updates, comment on tasks, or share ideas. Here at Teodesk we created a Teodesk Ticketing System, which also serves as a reliable internal communication platform for our team.

Teodesk Ticketing System

Screenshot from Teodesk Ticketing Module

Among other HR software advantages is that it can considerably improve and upgrade any employee opinion poll. Because it’s always good to know what your staff has on their minds.

  • Recruitment execution

HR software also provides an efficient recruitment execution. As we all know, success of any project depends on “the perfect team”. The assembling of the perfect team starts with smart recruiting.

Today’s HR systems offer easy recruiting modules that come extremely handy when you fall into  staff shortage. There are tools that allow for preselecting and evaluation of the applicants to help you create a list of only those who meet the criteria for the opening. On-boarding is also made easy, as the SaaS provides you with a searchable and user-friendly database so you can retain talented performers on your team.

Bottom Line

Smart organizations on the market are using as many advantages as possible of HR software by assigning it the most time-consuming administrative tasks, and giving more personal responsibility to the line level employee. By doing that, the mid-level managers can shift their focus to the things that software can’t do. Yet.


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