How to keep track of your team progress with Teodesk

Let’s be honest, being a manager is everything but easy. However, it can be very rewarding. When you see results of your support and guidance, when each member of your team is thriving for reaching his full potential – every obstacle, every problem and every breaking of a timeline and budget, is forgotten.

The success of the organization often depends on how a manager decides to lead his team. If he is one of those managers who inspire, interact, and mentor their team, while at the same time they are being attentive to individual needs – the company is in good hands.
So, what are the most important skills and steps one good project manager should have and make? Here are a few tips, so read between the lines:

Lead by your own example

Work in a transparent manner so you can earn your teams trust. Show them how it’s done – this way everybody can learn from your experience and you can communicate clear ways of doing things.

The moment you choose to use Teodesk, you set yourself on a transparent mode.

It’s a cloud-based software that assures that project managers will keep all the strings in their hands. No matter what, control over the team and every activity are guaranteed. This way, a process is under control and visible.

Communicate effectively

Communication is the foundation of progress tracking.

Teodesk offers two ways of handling it. For internal communication, you can exchange messages directly on the tasks. When it comes to external communication, sending email is equally as simple. Share everything and allow others to share everything with you and your team – both through emails and directly on the page.

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Manage your and your team’s time

When it comes to managing time, Teodesk can offer its Calendar Module as well as the Reporting Module.

The calendar shows all upcoming meetings and events. Moreover, reminders can be added to each team member’s schedule. The user can insert all the necessary details of the event such as additional participants, date, location, and description.

The display setting can be changed to daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

On the other hand, with the Reporting Module, you can control the data so you can make the right decisions at the right time while tracking and speeding up the progress. Here, you can find all the projects for a client, see what each team member is working on at the moment and if there are any delays.

Here, users can easily create their own reports and build them via the click of a button. When you’re creating a report, you’re actually creating a pattern which you’ll use every time you want to build a report.

Our reports allow you to control the data you’re gathering via the usage of Projects and Employees module. By using the Reports Module, you’ll be able to filter, analyze and control daily activities of your own and your team’s activities. Once you create your report, you can export it into PDF, Excel or CSV, so you can easily share it with your colleagues or managers.

Avoid clutter and keep all documentation in order

Document Management Module keeps every single document ever created is always accessible. This module provides a perfect insight to your business.

All types of documents added to the bords or employee profiles are stored in one place. This creates a safe database which is always available to all team members. Documents can be searched based on different criteria: type of file, uploading date, and name of the person who uploaded the file, keywords or any other category you define.

Give and receive feedback

And make sure you do it on a regular basis. A team can’t go forth with their tasks without being informed about their output so far.
To be able to give feedback, you must know every detail about the work you’re doing. This is one of the many moments Teodesk Boards come to the scene.

The main objective of this highly integrative, yet user-friendly module is to help you keep control over every activity there is.

All elements (communication, documents, tasks, income and expenditure, competencies of team members or any other element) can be monitored with one single click – filtered by the person in charge, status, keyword or any other category you design.

Board Overview, together with the Phase Overview – can give you an insight into the project’s progress and the state in which it is.

Also, there is a possibility to make tasks dependent on each other by blocking assignments which means that it is impossible to start a blocked task before the related task is completed. This is highly beneficial when there is a strong dependence between phases or assignments.

Not much left out of control, right? And only this way you can be sure to provide constructive and valuable feedback.

Focus on strengths, not weaknesses

When talking about the company’s strength and weaknesses, we are talking about its people. Teodesk Employee Module comes more than handy when dealing with this issue.

The main objective of this module is to create a perfect team and to keep this team on the right track. The Employee Module offers you a database of all employees – filtered by department, manager, location, keyword or any other category you design.

The database gives you an overview of the employees’ knowledge, skills, competencies, qualifications, and some personal data (to a reasonable extent, of course).

Current projects of the employee are carefully tracked and noted, together with a diagram display of commitment to the project and a productivity chart. Review of previous business experience is also available at any time. It includes a list of his past duties and jobs (position title, engagement period, link to the project or company, description of his duties). The education and training of employees are fully displayed – listed by educational institution, field of study/training, title, location and time period.

And once you know who your top performers are, you have the opportunity to add information about their bonuses and rewards of the employee to keep track of their exceptional achievements.

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