How Teodesk Can Help You Create the Perfect Team

What makes a team perfect?

Is it simply just that they’re an interdependent group of employees, united around a particular task, project or objective? Yes and no. A successful, high-performance team is not about just randomly assembling a group of talented individuals.

For a team to be truly effective, its members must share the same vision and motivation to bring that vision to life. That is done through measurable goals, with an organizational culture where each member plays their part in the long-term achievement of the group.

Nowadays, it’s clear to every employer that teamwork is key to every success. No one ever said it’s easy to find a proper way to organize different people with different goals, as well as to plan and execute a close-knit whole.

A successful team

What makes one team strong and successful in the long run?

Two elements are crucial:

  • a good leader
  • a strong company culture

The team and the leader

Team leaders must naturally possess certain qualities, such as compassion and integrity. Other leadership skills come through both formal training and experience.

However, this certainly doesn’t mean that everything just falls back on the leader. Quite the contrary. It’s the organizational support that makes all the difference. A good team leader should support and balance the talents of the individuals so they can all work together in harmony.

Therefore, the most important aspect of a functional lineup is the very creation of the team. For that, you’ll find some handy tools and tips furthermore. Just keep on reading.

Company culture as a substructure

Company culture is an aspect of business that is gaining more and more attention each day. Without a strong and constructive culture, an organization can’t encourage enough teamwork and collaboration among its members. It is the culture itself that nurtures and supports all employees in practicing skills needed to be as much of a productive team member as possible. By creating and maintaining a work environment that expects, fosters, rewards and recognizes teamwork – you are halfway to a solid and successful team.

To do so, your work systems and approaches must support collaboration with a reduced emphasis on individual advancement.

How Teodesk can help

In order to boost your company’s recruitment, team creation, and its management, Teodesk has made several features that can help you with these processes. By getting to know all the people in your organization, you actually get to know all your strengths and weaknesses, so you can manage your business in the best possible way.

First in line to do so is our Employee Module, made with one simple goal: to help you create the perfect team and to keep this team on the right track.

This module is very user-friendly and it is a kind of a detailed database of all employees. It gives database gives you an overview of the employees’ knowledge, skills, competencies, qualifications and even personal data (to a reasonable extent, of course).

The database includes profiles of all employees. A profile is created by filling in the personal and job information (department, job title, manager, work location, hire date and further description). Job information is already classified and ready to be used. This feature comes very handy when you have to decide which person is most suitable for a certain project. You can further narrow down the list by comparing their skills and experience from the previous projects.

Current projects of the employee are carefully tracked and noted, together with a productivity chart.

Review of previous experience is also available at any time. It includes a list of his past duties and jobs (position title, engagement period, link to the project or company, description of his duties).

Education and training of employees are fully displayed – listed by educational institution, field of study/training, title, location and time period. This way, you get to know who your expert is, for any workflow aspect.

All relevant documents related to the employee can be found in this part. The documents are organized in folders to make clear whether a document contains personal (CV, certificates, contracts, etc.) or work related information.

There is an opportunity to add information about the bonuses and rewards of the employee to keep track of their achievements.

With one click, contact info can be accessed. It displays business address, personal email address, Skype IM, office phone number, private number, and home address. The contact information can easily be customized based on your preferences.


Once you assembled your perfect team, it is equally important to keep everything on track. In order to manage the team’s workflow, you must set clear rules about reporting.

Teodesk has a simple solution for that issue.

Through our Reporting Module, you can create reports tailored to your need and rebuild them whenever you need them with just one click! This is the simplest way to know what’s happening with your projects and your team members, at all times – as you can gather all the data and build reports around your team, projects, and clients.

We know how tracking progress and assignments can sometimes be hard, especially when you’re responsible for a great number of people. With Reporting Module, you can control the data so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

If you want to find all the projects you’ve done for a client, or you would like to see what a specific employee is doing right this moment, or maybe you need to know how much money and assets you spent on certain project or type of tasks – Teodesk is there with an answer, at the tip of your finger.

Our reports allow you to control the data you’re gathering via the usage of Projects and Employees module. By using the Reports Module, you’ll be able to filter, analyze and control daily activities of your own and your team’s activities.

Once you create your report, you can export it into PDF, Excel or CSV, so you can easily share it with your colleagues or managers. Never again waste time on manually copying or rewriting that which has already been built.

Since it’s impossible to influence the amount of time we have on our hands, there’s one more way Teodesk helps you organize your time. The Calendar Module helps you organize your schedule so you can improve your team’s time management.

In one glance, all upcoming meetings and events are shown. Moreover, reminders can be added to your schedule. The user can insert all the necessary details of the event, meeting or reminder. Furthermore, you can add participants, date, location, description, etc. A display setting can be changed to daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

Bottom line, if you make the job easier for your team, if you organize their time, resources and skills in the best possible way, the chances for the project success is way bigger.

With Teodesk, you can establish an enable a clear structure. You can define early on team members and each member´s roles, activities, and responsibilities. Plus, you will simplify their time management and provide solid support for the team, so every member can feel safe and backed. By ensuring they all have the information they need to do their job properly, you create a healthy and prosperous working environment.

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