Automating HR Tasks to Boost Productivity and Lower Expenses

automating HR tasks

Automating HR Tasks to Boost Productivity and Lower Expenses

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about HR professionals?

Employee relations? Recruiting strategy? Personnel data management? Processing transfers, promotions, and terminations?

Definitely all of that, but there is one thing that stands out. And that is – efficient and effective time management!

Many of HR tasks need a high level of concentration as they take up a lot of time. So, the next time your HR department comes with a plea to extend the team, think once again about automating HR tasks in order to simplify and accelerate the entire process.

Empowering HR Department With Productivity Tools

Human Resources are critical to the success of a business, so treat it accordingly. When properly empowered, this department easily becomes the ‘strategic partner’ to senior leadership with both mandate and accountability.

To meet its full potential, use the benefits of living and working in the digital age. Human Resources requires a lot of repetitive and time consuming administrative work, so automating HR tasks can give you more time to invest in your executive operations.

HR tasks automation

Digital task automation (and everything that remotely fits this criteria) is not a new concept. It’s been around for some time – as many industries have gravitated towards automation in their repetitive business processes. Nowadays, automating HR tasks is a common thing in every niche and industry. Unfortunately, it’s often received with a certain dose of skepticism.

But if you ask those skeptics about why they are so doubtful, they won’t come up with better answers than we have for answering the next question: what’s wrong with automating HR tasks?

Why Not Automate HR tasks?

Managers who do not automate HR tasks are losing an average of 14 hours a week. When completing tasks manually, productivity keeps on dropping while errors are multiplying. This inevitably leads to higher costs and lower employee engagement.

With so many great productivity apps, automating HR tasks that involve repetitive, administrative work should be the next logical step. It enables HR professionals to dedicate their time to what matters most: coordination and decision-making functions.

Inevitably automation of tasks will become a standard practice for HR departments in many industries. When that happens, all those skeptics that resisted it will be left behind.

Upgrade Your HR Department by Automating HR Tasks

According to Harvard Business Review report, “the greatest value in the future of Human Resources will be as an accelerated talent development center, ensuring that all leaders in the organization are effective people leaders who can understand, interact with, and enhance their organization’s talent more effectively in the future.”

And when they say “effective people leaders”, they actually mean that the staff will need to adapt to the upcoming changes or get left behind in the dust. No matter the rank.

So, do we have your attention? Yes? Great. We’ll start by telling you what it is that we consider HR automation.

automating HR tasks

What is HR Tasks Automation?

It’s the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks, allowing them to focus on complex tasks that require decision making and strategizing.

Now, whatever is that you do to accomplish this goal is considered automation. By speeding up the process you can freely integrate and expand necessary services. And all that at a considerably lower cost.

Benefits of Automating HR Tasks

Here are some of the basic benefits of automating HR tasks:

  • It considerably improves productivity, thanks to quick processing and data sharing.
  • It reduces the risk of lost or mishandled information.
  • It boosts the organizational growth through efficient hiring at optimal operational cost.
  • It cuts down to almost zero all cost related to paper-based processing (eco-friendly).
  • It improves transparency and accessibility across your organization.
  • It saves your staff a lot of time which they can use better, like analyzing HR data to make intelligent business decisions.
  • You will never ever again have to deal with misplaced or lost documents.
  • The reports are much more insightful.
  • It simplifies the process of hiring, training, and retaining skilled labor.

Sounds good?

HR Tasks Automation in Practice

Now that you know why it’s good, you should also know where you can implement it.

  1. Recruitment – We all know how complicated and stressful recruitment can be. Not to mention how time-consuming they are. A good HR productivity app will deal with it so you don’t have to spend any time on logistical details like formulating and categorizing recruitment data.
  1. Email Management – How many emails do you receive daily?Even though it might look benign, this takes a whole lot of time. Checking and sorting through new emails is definitely not something you should be wasting time on. Have it all classified, arranged and prioritized with an Email tracking tool.
  1. Document management – Once you have your business data stored on the cloud, document management becomes a breeze. No more rooms and offices with printed data stacked and piled from the floor to the ceiling. Forget about it. Everything should be just a few clicks away. It’s the 21st century, in Heaven’s name!

automating HR Tasks

  1. Calendar – Make use of a Calendar tool to automatically schedule everything you can get your hands on: interviews, meetings, team building sessions… By having it all in one place, you are empowering the interaction between the managers and the employees or candidates. And that can never be bad.

Also, automating HR tasks like verifying time sheets, calculating payrolls, and checking leaves, can be easily done by a machine. You name it and any good SaaS will work its magic.

Look at it this way – the HR department handles stacking piles of employee records, make reports regarding employee performance, manage the payroll, recruits new employees, contributes to the overall strategy, explaining human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards to new and existing employees… And so much more.

In short, the HR department plans, directs, and coordinates the administrative functions of an organization. Automating HR tasks efficiently is imperative for success.

So, in case you would like to better manage your time, resources and data, feel free to help yourself (literally) with some solid and reliable HR productivity tool. Teodesk maybe? automating HR tasks

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