A Day with Teodesk – What Your Day at Work Could Be Like

Another day starts with the alarm going off. It is 7 AM sharp and the routine starts. First shower, then breakfast, one quick coffee and it’s time to go. We all end up in front of the screen and by the phone.

It is time to continue where we stopped yesterday.

A few months ago, the first hours of every working day were a mess. Reading and replying all the emails, finishing tasks to come to the milestone we set before, organizing meetings, communicating with our clients, planning in advance and so much more…

By noon, the amount of energy left is usually pretty, pretty low. And there is no coffee, lunch, power-bar or freshly squeezed orange that will help us get back on the track all freshened up.

Until one day a boss had some great news for all of us.

“You will love me forever! I got you the best collaboration tool there is!”

– He shouted.

In short, he pointed out that in the future, we will have on the palm of our hand all our projects, better and quicker HR handling, ticketing services and document control. All available in one tool. Teodesk.

I must admit, we were a bit dubious and skeptical, but we all went ahead with it.

A week later, everything changed!

First of all, mornings never again started with a cluttered inbox and a virtual pile of emails that need to be answered, forwarded or put aside. And all thanks to Teodesk Ticketing System.

In our team’s experience, this tool is essential for high-quality communication, both externally and internally. Ticketing system simplifies and speeds up the connection within the team and between us and the client.

We can now exchange emails directly on the project, create tickets on it and link them to the tasks. In this way, we have a help/service desk system to support our clients, stakeholders, applicants, and internal processes, all at once!

So, the mornings just got a bit lighter. Enough to enjoy the first coffee with co-workers and then get back to work.

As project management never waits for no one. This is why it is so important to systematize and organize operations, task by task.

If you agree, keep reading to see how Teodesk changed our working climate. Shifting it from the Siberian winter to a tropical paradise almost! Ok, ok, we are exaggerating a bit.

Business was taking place even before phones, let alone sophisticated technology like computers and SaaS. But, allow us to be thrilled to find out how one simple act of trying out a new product like can change some things forever.

So simple, yet so useful and complex in resolving any problem a team can face.

After the first coffee, true work is ahead of us. This is where the Project Management Module comes to stage as extremely intuitive and efficient in managing all business processes and projects.

The very first thing that disappeared into the thin air was the waste of our time while trying to find that one email, document or person who was assigned to the task. All of the sudden, free from unnecessary repetitive tasks, we simply started doing things that matter.

We become disciplined in attaching emails, discussions, used assets, money, and other files to the tasks and we are never again wondering who is doing what, nor what the costs or outcomes are. Everything is neatly categorized into tasks and subtasks as the main objective of this highly integrative and user-friendly tool is to help you keep control over all activities.

All elements (communication, documents, tasks, income and expenditure, competencies of team members or any other element) can be monitored with one single click – filtered by the person in charge, status, keyword or any other category you design.

Talking about saving time and money!

And every time we need to, we just click once and bam! Just like magic, the entire Project Overview is in front of us and at our disposal!

It provides a clear summary about the progress of the project/operation by showing the executed (sub)tasks, phases and number of blocked or paused tasks. There is a possibility to easily manage the information about the client, type of project, budget, currency, ticketing, etc.

The Phase Overview even includes information about the responsible person, phase details (start date, end date, and status), phase description and progress of (sub)tasks.

Now, what happens when we need to have things done in a certain way and order?

I personally find very useful that Teodesk can make tasks dependent on each other by blocking assignments, which means that it is impossible to start a blocked task before the related task is completed. This is highly beneficial when there is a strong dependence between phases or assignments.

Not to mention our team leader’s relief once there is no possibility for chaos and things in discord!

Keeping things under control has never been so easy!

And now that we have covered the project itself, it is time to meet people you work with.

We all know that people are the most valuable element of any business. Teodesk certainly knows that! They highlighted the importance of the employees by creating a strong and operational bond between HR and Project Module.

We can now manage at one place, all the necessary information about every employee and use it to create a perfect team by matching their skills and experience to the demands of any work or project.

Another great feature that had me at its name is the Document Module.

No more archive rooms, no more old metal closets storing tons of paper, no more lost and never found documents…

This module is storing every document about the project for later use. A very precise and efficient Document Management Module actually stores all files uploaded within the tasks, and it does it by putting them in separate folders connected to specific projects and employees profiles. All documents are stored in one safe place which is always accessible for searching for documents by any category. One click away. Almost too simple and good to be true.

And now, if you excuse me, my Teodesk Calendar is reminding me about my meeting!

Just to put the cherry on the top, let me say this:

This module organizes accurately and neatly all my reminders, meetings and events per day, week, month or year. It’s up to me to put it to good use.

As it always is when Teodesk is around.

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