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Project Module

Multifunctional, yet very simple and easy to use. This work board offers dozens of different features to manage variety of fields in your business. Use it to simplify the operation routine and understand better your work environment.

Due to the capacity and complexity of this module, we paid special attention to make it user friendly - it has never been easier to multitask and pull all the strings!

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Employee Module

People are the most valuable element of any business. Therefore, we highlighted the importance of your employees by creating a strong and operational bond between HR and Project Module.

Now you can manage at one place all the necessary information about any employee and use it to create a perfect team by matching their skills and experience to the demands of any work or project.

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Ticketing System

This feature is essential for high quality communication, both externally and internally. Ticketing system simplifies and speeds up the connection within the team and between you and the client.

Exchange mails directly on the portal, create tickets on it and link them to the tasks. In this way it provides you a help/service desk system to support your clients, stakeholders, applicants, internal processes, etc.

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Document Management Module

Storing every document about your business for later use. A very precise and efficient Document Management Module which stores all documents uploaded within your tasks in separate folders connected to specific projects and employees profiles. All documents are stored in one safe place which is always accessible for searching documents by any category.

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Calendar Module

Time is beyond our control, no doubt about it. But, there is one thing we can do: maximize the time we have at our disposal. In one place, this module organizes accurately and neatly all your reminders, meetings and events per day, week, month or year. It’s up to you.

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