During the COVID-19 pandemic you can get the BASIC package of Teodesk for free for up to 20 people. Request a demo to find out more.×


Teodesk helps you spend time on things that matter.


Diverse benefits for different business fields



Creativity thrives when communication is effortless. Have quantitative measures that show your team's progress.

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Human Resources

Your company is as efficient as the people in it. When all necessary information is laid out in one place, the real work can begin.

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Efficient communication is your greatest resource. Have it all laid out and structured so your sales team can thrive.

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You need to be in more places than one, but that doesn't mean your bills of lading have to be. Keep all your files and documents in one place.

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Ensuring efficient and effective communication between all levels of the business is essential. Have all your architects, engineers, contractors and project managers on the same page.

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Harmonize your work and your goals

Maximize efficiency by maximizing team effort

1 Plan

Identify necessary steps for achieving goals and objectives. Good preparation can save significant resources in the long run.

2 Execute

Perform in the most efficient way possible.

3 Optimize

Retrospect and improve your practice. Take a critical look back at your work and learn from all you have done in a systematic way.

Why Teodesk?

Here's what our clients say

I can't imagine opening new stores without Teodesk.

Aleksandra Ilic
Retail Director, Emmi

Teodesk allows me to optimize my processes without investing in a robust in-house solution.

Vladimir Petrovic
Sales Director, ABL

All our communication is based in Teodesk and we've never been this organized.

Radan Ralic
Procurement Director, WinWin

Digital Solidarity

The Digital Solidarity portal aims to help all people that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by gathering all available, free resources in one place. To help teams struggling to operate during this crisis we are pitching in and giving them the option to use the basic package of our collaboration platform for up to 20 users as well as have consultations with members of our team specialized in process/project optimization.

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